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Throughout this blog, we’ve discussed many topics surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and what living with someone who has ASD can be like. Whether you’re a parent, sibling, or guardian of an individual with ASD, you know life can be a little more challenging; however, with the right tools, you can help your family member lead a happy, healthy, and normal life.  Previously we’ve discussed steps to helping someone with ASD transition into adulthood, as it tends to be difficult in many circumstances.

Part of the transition to adulthood, depending on the person, can be finding a stable job where they can thrive in their position and not feel hindered due to having ASD. The right job for someone with ASD is highly dependant on each individual’s abilities and challenges. If your child, sibling, or family member is getting ready to take the steps to adulthood and independence, consider exploring some of these career options:

Working With Animals

Many people with ASD find comfort in being around or with animals. In many cases, people with ASD often use animals as focus points.  A specific animal may help them feel calm, or give them something to focus on when they are stressed. For this reason, working with animals can be a great option for teens or adults with ASD when they’re ready to find a job.  Additionally, this can be a huge help for individuals that have a hard time associating and interacting with other people; animals may be a gateway to interact and enjoy the company of a companion.

Technical/Visual-Thinking Jobs

It’s no secret that some of the most brilliant tech developers and engineers have been diagnosed with ASD.  Many people with ASD are technical thinkers and enjoy visualization, with little social interaction.  Jobs and careers in the technical field could highlight the strengths of an individual with ASD, such as art, and design.  Technical jobs can include but are not limited to: computer programming, video game design, animation, or equipment design.

Non-Visual Thinking Jobs

Some people with ASD have more analytical qualities, rather than visual.  For more analytical thinkers, jobs in fields such as accounting, engineering, and banking may be a great fit.  Working with numbers or specific aspects of science or engineering can really help an analytical thinker with ASD thrive.

Non-Verbal Jobs

In the event of a family member with ASD is more on the non-verbal end of the spectrum, there are still plenty of job options that can help them thrive.  Working in fields that require little interaction such as janitorial or retail jobs where they focus on stocking and re-stocking. Jobs like this will help them develop different skills while keeping them in a comfortable setting that will limit any triggers that may cause unwanted stress or panic.